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A Netflix rec for the weekend

Photo of my movie log, described in text


You might remember I’m trying to make time for movies, and I’m doing okay with it. Considering how seldom I’ve watched movies in the last few years, four in a month (so far) is progress.

As you can see, I’ve borrowed slightly from the Rotten Tomatoes scale. Whether I’m reading or viewing, I’m not super analytical. It’s just a “well, that sucked” (green splat) or a “that was good” (red tomato), but for a movie I really liked … Read More »

#1linewed – Forever Again

"Is she my daughter?"

Forever AgainRead More »

#listifylife – Words I Always Spell Wrong

List of words I spell wrong, written in text below

SAHNNON – Yes, my name. But only when typing.

RECEIVE – I before E, except after C, and a gazillion other exceptions.

TOUSLED – I spell it touseled, every time.

COLOR, HONOR, etc – Spending my formative spelling years in England gave my words more FLAVOUR.

Find out more about the ListifyLife challenge at Roni’s site.… Read More »

Why April is the longest month

Oh, April. It’s a month that starts with one of my least favorite days of the year (April Fool’s Day) and just seems to never end. Winter’s over (more or less) and the sun is warm (more days than not) and I can hear the Harleys going through town. It’s time to get outside and enjoy the nice(ish) weather.

But the only thing I really care to do outside is drive my RZR and I can’t until the middle of … Read More »

#1linewed – Beware the molten marshmallow

Ridiculously attractive couple sitting on the ground and smiling at a blazing campfire

“That was the most demented display of s’mores making I’ve ever seen,” she hissed, resisting the urge to kick him in the shin.

From Exclusively YoursRead More »

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