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Listify Life

So Roni Loren came up with a great Spring challenge because lists are awesome and, since I love pretty much everything about lists, I’ll be doing this. And of course, it’ll hopefully be fun for everybody and you can share your own lists, either on your own social media, or in the comments of anybody doing the #listifylife hashtag.


You can read more about it in Roni’s blog post!… Read More »

A snippet I loved writing

(While looking through Under The Lights for a #1linewed line for tomorrow, I skimmed through this scene and remembered how much I loved writing it. There was no single line to fit the “1line” criteria, so I’m sharing the opening of the scene here. The Boys of Fall series follows three men who were high school football stars who return to their hometown fourteen years later to help raise funds to save the football program. In this scene, the alumni Read More »

The Kowalski Family Tree of Doom

I’ve been asked (and am still asked) if there is a Kowalski family tree and, after several years of the task lingering on my to-do list, the answer is finally yes!

Click for the big version.

Click for the big version.


I’ll park it on the website somewhere, in PDF, with the next round of website updates, but I was too excited to have it actually checked off my to-do list not to share it.… Read More »

#fridayfavorites – Songs

Screencap of playlist, songs listed below


I always have a short playlist of songs I want to hear over and over. Currently on the shortlist: “What’s Your Name” from Chase Rice, “Pretending” from the cast of Glee, “Hey Mama” from David Guetta and Nicki Minaj, “Girl Crush” from Little Big Town (even though it’s creepy as hell), “Beautiful Drug” from the Zac Brown Band (which I didn’t want to love because a club mix from my country guys?) and “Shakin’ Hands” from Nickelback (go ahead … Read More »

What it’s like having a conversation with me

Me: What do you want for supper tonight?

Husband: I don’t care.

Me: I think I’m going to make French toast.

Him: For supper?

Me: No, during our vacation week at camp [in July].

Him: Okay.

Me: What do you want for supper?

Him: At camp?

Me: No, tonight. Why don’t you ever listen to me?… Read More »

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