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Not smarter than the remote control

Everybody’s good at some things and not-so-good at others. This is awesome because it means we all do different things and everything gets done. Eventually.

Quite often, we wish we could do things we’re not so good at. I wouldn’t mind being able to paint. Or sing. I’d really like to be able to sing, actually. I also can’t cook. But the most annoying thing I’m not-so-good at?

Fast-forwarding through commercials.

Every once in a while, I’ll end up with the remote control. Not often, but sometimes my husband will forget to grab it on his way to the recliner. We’ll start watching something we recorded on the DVR and inevitably come to a commercial, which I’ll try to fast-forward through.

Then I’ll go too far. Dammit.

Rewind. Too far. Dammit.

Fast-forward. Dammit.



Husband: “Why do you have the remote?”

Simultaneously, me: “Why do I have the remote?”

The remote is then passed to my husband, who seems to have some inner connection to the DVR and always stops it during those two seconds of fade-out and fade-back-in between the commercials and the show. Unfortunately, at some point he’ll fall asleep and I’m stuck watching Pawn Stars repeats because the remote’s on the arm of his recliner, which I can’t reach from my corner of the couch.

If I could just master fast-forwarding through commercials…

2 comments to “Not smarter than the remote control”

  1. Lee Laughlin
      · January 13th, 2014 at 1:40 pm · Link

    Or you know, get up off the couch, but whatever ;P

  2. library addict
      · January 13th, 2014 at 6:00 pm · Link

    I think the DVR is designed to not work at fast forwarding very well. That’s my story at least.

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