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Not smarter than the remote control

Everybody’s good at some things and not-so-good at others. This is awesome because it means we all do different things and everything gets done. Eventually.

Quite often, we wish we could do things we’re not so good at. I wouldn’t mind being able to paint. Or sing. I’d really like to be able to sing, actually. I also can’t cook. But the most annoying thing I’m not-so-good at?

Fast-forwarding through commercials.

Every once in a while, I’ll end up with … Read More »

Happy novella news

I have some happy news! “Alone With You”, my novella released last year in the Be Mine anthology, will be reissued on February 11th as a single digital novella.

I guess you could call it 3.5 6.5 in the Kowalski series. It’s loosely connected and, chronologically, takes place between Yours To Keep and All He Ever Needed toward the end of All He Ever Dreamed, and it has this wicked gorgeous cover:


When waitress Darcy Vaughan’s friend asks her

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Release day grabby hands

Once upon a hazy time—but I don’t remember exactly when due to living in some kind of time warp (it’s January! Of 2014! WTH!)—I read the opening of a proposal my most awesomest friend Jaci was working up. I might not remember when, but I do remember getting to the end of the proposal chapters (presumably chapter three) and swiping madly, trying to get more pages. THERE WERE NO MORE PAGES!

Now there are and ALL THE PAGES ARE ON … Read More »

Rerun: Truck Ice Capades

Adventures in my icy driveway this morning reminded me of this day, January 25th, 2010, when the Short Kid would have been only nine. (As an aside, January 1st was my blog’s 9th birthday. Woohoo!)

Anyway, on with the four year old story…

Had a little adventure this morning I could have lived without. It started raining during the night and, while it didn’t freeze, it washed away the protection of packed snow and crud built up over … Read More »

My favorite (and least so) movies of 2013

I don’t get to see a lot of movies. Theater trips have traditionally been limited to Harry Potter and Marvel movies and, while I’ll buy movies on Blu-ray or iTunes, it’s often quite some time before I/we actually watch them. So, I watched the following movies in 2013, but they weren’t necessarily released in 2013.

My three least favorite movies of 2013:

3. Dredd — I was expecting a reboot of Judge Dredd, which I should probably be embarrassed … Read More »

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