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Do workout videos still count in slo-mo?

After gaining back most of the weight I lost last year, I’m trying to do something about it again. Aesthetically, I’m kind of like…meh. You don’t like it? Don’t look. But my blood pressure is jacked up again, my return to drowning myself in iced coffees laden with caffeine and fatty cream has brought the insomnia raging back, and carrying a laundry basket up out of the basement now requires a recovery time at the top of the stairs before … Read More »


I have postcards for Snowbound with the CEO and Love A Little Sideways!


If you’d like one, or maybe a few to share with friends and fellow romance readers, just email Fatin @ novelsidekick .com (without the spaces) and tell her how many you’d like. (You do not have to be in the United States.) You can also request a wooden spoon, which I gave away at the RT convention in May. … Read More »

A Corny Conversation

So yesterday, during the construction of shepherd’s pie, this happened:

If you forget to cut a slit in the vegetable steamer bag before putting it in the microwave, it explodes. The bag, not the microwave.

Mr S: Did you have to tell the entire world you can’t follow directions?

Me: Why? Is your value as a man lessened by having a wife who screwed up the microwaving of microwaveable corn?

Mr. S: If my value was based on your domestic abilities, I wouldn’t bring a quarter in a church rummage sale.

Me: I’m going to blog about this.

Mr. S: Clean the corn out of … Read More »

#WIPLines from Taken With You

(Because I have no brain cells to spare today, I’m sharing words I’ve already written rather than sitting here flailing for something to say.)

takenwithyouwiplinesRead More »


Phase 1 in Operation: Justify Buying An iPad Mini With Retina If They’re Announced Next Week As Rumored is complete.

The iPad Mini is my go-to device. I love the size when it comes to wanting something larger than my phone screen (magazines and video, for example), but it fits in my bag better than the iPad. I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it, however, so I bought the 16GB. I can’t have a lot of video on it, … Read More »

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