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Snowbound with the CEO Kindle preorder!

I discovered Snowbound with the CEO (11/4) now has a Kindle preorder link (No Nook link yet, but it won’t be long.) and a Nook preorder link. There’s no information yet, but here’s an unofficial description:

Adrian Blackstone worked his way from teenaged carpenter’s helper to the owner and CEO of Blackstone Historical Restoration, which specializes in modernizing international historical properties without losing their charm and authenticity, and for the last sixteen months, he’s had executive assistant Rachel Carter at his side. It’s an excruciating place to have her because his drive to touch her is almost as powerful as his drive to succeed in business. But he needs her professionally, so it’s hands-off personally. Until he tries to impress a potential client by holding a meeting at one of his greatest achievements—a grand hotel BHR restored in northern New Hampshire—and ends up snowed in with Rachel and no clients.

With a love of history, architecture and business, Rachel Carter has the perfect job as executive assistant to Adrian Blackstone and she’s not letting anything ruin that. Not even her desire for her boss. She hides her crush behind a mask of professionalism until she’s relaxing at the hotel bar and her boss sits down beside her. Some laughs, a few drinks and a dance under the mistletoe break down their barriers and they decide to make the most of what can only be a holiday interlude. But, when they return to their Boston office, it’s not as easy as they’d hoped to rebuild those professional walls.

Once I get the official BCC, I’ll update my site. And I’ll add info for Love A Little Sideways, too. Right now the preorder links are only for the paperback version, but I check every day for the digital.

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