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The not-so-Short Kid

Back in 2005, when I started blogging, I christened my boys the Tall Kid and the Short Kid. Twitter, with its character limit, rechristened them TK and SK. There are five and a half years between them and, at the time, my oldest was rather tall for his age and my youngest was very short for his age. The height difference was funny and very pronounced when they were side-by-side.

Well, now it’s 2013 and the Short Kid’s ready to … Read More »

Snowbound with the CEO Kindle preorder!

I discovered Snowbound with the CEO (11/4) now has a Kindle preorder link (No Nook link yet, but it won’t be long.) and a Nook preorder link. There’s no information yet, but here’s an unofficial description:

Adrian Blackstone worked his way from teenaged carpenter’s helper to the owner and CEO of Blackstone Historical Restoration, which specializes in modernizing international historical properties without losing their charm and authenticity, and for the last sixteen months, he’s had executive assistant Rachel Carter

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Terms BEFORE the deal, dummy

It’s Game Day for Patriots Nation. FINALLY. And my guys are looking forward to this season more than any other season I can recall. Seems odd, since the offense more or less came unraveled during the off-season, but I know why they’re excited.

The Tim Tebow bet.

We were at my sister’s house in Maine because my brother was visiting, so the place was overrun with football fans and the Hernandez news was breaking in a big way. With Welker … Read More »

Sexy car for a sexy guy

I put a picture of Drew Miller’s car up on Pinterest this morning. The 1970 Mustang Boss with the 302 is a damn sexy car. And he lets Liz drive it, much to Officer Durgin’s annoyance.

“Was that the Kowalski girl I saw driving your Mustang?”

Drew looked up at Officer Bob Durgin, who had spoken from his open doorway without preamble. “I lent Liz my car, yes.”

“You know how those kids are when they’ve got a fast

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Inspiration for today

I’m working on Snowbound With the CEO, my holiday novella, and I like to make collages to keep on my phone for inspiration.

Collage with hot guy in a suit, a pretty blonde and a grand hotel

I do find this guy particularly inspiring. :)Read More »

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