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The Short Kid’s mud rant

I realized this weekend that I have almost fifteen hundred photos on my phone waiting for me to move them to a computer. Ouch. But when I got back from vacation I bought a new laptop and, other than throwing Word on it, I haven’t set it up yet. I don’t see any point in moving those photos until I figure out how to move all the iTunes stuff to the new computer. Maybe I’ll just move them a couple at a time via my blog, LOL.

Here’s the Short Kid, taking a break. After a couple of rocky first outings, our service department seems to have chased down the bugs and he loves his new machine. It’s sized perfectly for him, and the 300cc engine is powerful enough so he can play with his dad, but not so big he can get stupid.

Short Kid sitting on his four-wheeler on the side of the trail

And here’s the Short Kid in mid-rant. He was really unhappy his dad roosted him and covered his Brute Force in mud. In my husband’s defense, the first time they went through that mud puddle and SK pulled up close, my husband settled for the look-around, turning and making eye contact to let the kid know he could have showered him in mud. The second time through…well, SK did it again and, when it comes to roosting, a person can only exercise so much restraint.

Short Kid ranting about his machine being covered in thick mud

And, of course, we don’t have any way to wash our ATVs at camp, so it looked like that until we had a decent rain.

One comment to “The Short Kid’s mud rant”

  1. Lee
      · July 29th, 2013 at 9:17 am · Link

    Ah teaching moments! ;)

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