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My mom went to Nova Scotia and all I got was…

Yesterday, when I arrived at my mom’s house to retrieve my son, who’d been adventuring with her in Nova Scotia for a week (pics to come in the near future), she said, “Oh, I brought you something! It’s in my purse.”

As she rummaged, she told the story: She stopped at some place to go pee. It might have been a Tim Horton’s or maybe not. Anyway, she reached for the toilet paper, expecting to spin what she needed off … Read More »

The Short Kid’s mud rant

I realized this weekend that I have almost fifteen hundred photos on my phone waiting for me to move them to a computer. Ouch. But when I got back from vacation I bought a new laptop and, other than throwing Word on it, I haven’t set it up yet. I don’t see any point in moving those photos until I figure out how to move all the iTunes stuff to the new computer. Maybe I’ll just move them a couple … Read More »

Heat wave

I hope everybody being toasted by the heat wave is staying cool and hydrated. Being a person who prefers being cold, it was tempting to wail and whine about the current weather, but then I saw the reports of the 200,000 people in Maryland who will go through the remainder of the heat wave with no water because of a water main failure. Not being able to flush my toilet and having to wrestle neighbors for a bottle of Dasani … Read More »

Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof iPhone case

Waterproof case Recent activities included a trip to the ocean with a bunch of kids and some four-wheeling. My phone spends most of its life in the Speck SmartFlex Card case, but gets moved into the Otterbox Defender when it needs a little more protection.

But sometimes I want a waterproof case*. Bought the Otterbox Armor because, hello, Otterbox. I didn’t like the way it closed and it’s ridiculously bulky. Next up, the Incipio Atlas. The plastic feels cheap, but … Read More »

Happy 4th of July!

To my fellow Americans, Happy Independence Day! And happy Thursday to everybody else. :)

When my husband made the move from self-employment back to “let somebody else get an ulcer” employment, it was 98% good. Health insurance is nice. Not having to chase jobs is nice. But that 2%? We’re still trying to adjust to him not being the boss when it comes to time off. No more four day weekends all summer for the Stacey family anymore. The other drawback—not … Read More »

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