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Summer lazies kicking in

Not for me, of course. I’m still trying to remember to breathe after a couple of extraordinarily crazy weeks. But we’re definitely seeing signs of lazy summer days around here.

Mini had her “Pretty Princess Pillow” and she did not want to share.

Mini on big pillow sticking her tongue out at camera

The Short Kid taking a break…

SK stretched out on his four wheeler staring at the sky

After an insane schedule of finals, graduation, a party, a reenactment event, college orientation and marathon day of bureaucratic red tape, the Teen is being so lazy right now there aren’t even any pictures to share.

He did have fun doing an event at Fort McClary, though, even if his mother took pictures instead of helping set up the tents. (Hey, not my camp. I was just the driver.)

Setting up camp below Fort McClary

And his view for the weekend:


Tomorrow my brother and his family are flying in from Missouri, so there will be a trip to the beach at some point. (Not sitting in the sand and swimming kind of beach trip. Exploring the rocks and finding cool shells kind of beach trip.) I can’t remember the last time I walked the beach. I’m not sure the short kid had even started school yet.

Sunscreen. I need to buy sunscreen.

One comment to “Summer lazies kicking in”

  1. Brenda
      · June 26th, 2013 at 1:16 pm · Link

    I recognize the inside of a camper/motor home with my eyes closed and pitch blackness. We have been camping since I was seven years old. We had one of the early truck campers all the way up to the buses. Now, I’ve downsized for my own use to a smaller motor home. I save the big bus for the family outings. Congratulations on enjoying it.

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