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A quick trip home

Yesterday, for a happy family occasion, my husband and I made a day trip down to my hometown of Wareham, Massachusetts. (And this is where my dad would want me to tell you he went to school with Geena Davis.) Anyway, we had a nice time and we’re hoping to go back with the kids for several days next year.

A brief tangent: My husband’s GPS, which I scornfully refer to as the Broad-in-a-Box, pronounces Wareham as WEAR-um. I … Read More »

A quirky little milestone

I did a little happy dance with accompanying squee tonight, though I kept the dance part subtle and the squee was silent because I was in public. I’ve been very lucky over the last several years. I’ve hit the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists and this year Exclusively Yours was an RT Reviewers Choice Award nominee for Best Contemporary Romance.

Tonight’s little milestone doesn’t really compare, but every time I’ve had a shiny new Kowalski paperback release, … Read More »

Tipping point

Last Friday, I didn’t get on the scale because of my burn it to the ground mood. Maybe I should have. I’ve gained 4.4 pounds in the last two weeks and, while it’s easy to blame my kids being home for winter break and having extra food in the house, I’ve really just misplaced any iota of self-control.

I have to start tracking this week, and I’m also going to set my alarm to get on the scale every day … Read More »

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