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Green bridge of doom

I’ll be working hard today, and doing it around three guys who are in the early throes of snow day joy but will soon descend into the boredom and anxiety of cabin fever.

So today I’m going to hit and run with a quick picture. I took this Sunday night, which happened to be St. Patrick’s Day. Boston loves them some St. Patrick.

Bridge lit up green

I call this bridge “You know, the bridge at the tunnel because Boston hates me and wants Read More »

Our football Graceland

The Short Kid’s home with me today. We didn’t get home last night until pretty late and I like the school staff too much to spring a tired, cranky kid on them. So I get to keep him.

We went to Providence with some friends to see our Monarchs play the Providence Bruins. (Important distinction there: Providence Bruins, AHL team for the Boston Bruins.)

Short Kid ready for hockey game

Of course, we’re fans of the big Bruins and SK loves getting souvenirs, so I caved … Read More »

Oops. Checking in a little late.

I’m late today. Had a hard time keeping the fact it’s Friday in my head. I gained .6 of pound, which I’m conveniently blaming on the fact I got on the scale later in the day. (See how easily I make excuses for myself?)

Spring’s coming. Slowly, but it’s coming and I can feel myself coming out of the weird winter funk I’ve been in. Hopefully that’s going to make a difference.

How you guys doing?… Read More »

Adventures in Take-Out

Last night, my husband—who’s got 20 years of experience in reading my moods—suggested take-out for dinner. Yay! Called up our local house of pizza, who feeds my family more often than I do, and ordered our pizza and my husband’s spaghetti. But I can’t go anywhere without drama. My husband’s convinced I’m actually a magnet for road-drama and every time I leave the house, his last words are always a very firm “drive safely”.

Like it’s my fault!

First I … Read More »

Pinning Kowalskis

For my fellow Pinterest addicts, I’ve started a board called Kowalski Stuff of Doom. It’s a work in progress, but I’m adding some visuals that either inspired me during the writing of the Kowalski series or that I think can help readers picture some things they might not be familiar with.

Of course, now I really want to ride my four-wheeler, but we’re heading into mud season. I hate mud season. *cries* At least I have Pinterest to play … Read More »

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