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Belated Friday non-check-in

I totally spaced weighing in today. I was in the middle of something when my “get on the scale, dumbass” alarm went off and then I never thought of it again until I’d spent the majority of the day pounding iced coffees and M&Ms. But I can tell from the fact I put on a sweatshirt this morning, then took it off and put on another that it wouldn’t have been good news.

How are you all doing? Anybody recently … Read More »

Spring can’t be far away

We’re down to one stubborn patch of icy snow in the yard, much to the dismay of my dogs. For frou-frou divas, they really love snow.

Tiny patch of snow in the yard

The good news? The snow is gone and spring is coming. The bad news? My husband’s going to want to do that whole yard work thing soon. With the rake and the bags and the weeding.

So not my thing.… Read More »

So…dogs, anybody?

I’m in the deadline cave and I spent most of the weekend with a zombie headache. Every time I thought it was dead, it roared back to life. So here’s a picture of my dogs. :lol: They were tussling and I snapped my fingers. Mini’s on alert and Taz is pretending he’s going to be quiet, but he’s watching for an opening.

Dogs pretending to rest

As soon as I turned my attention back to the computer, they were at it again.… Read More »

It’s DABWAHA time! And…help?

All He Ever Desired coverIt’s DABWAHA time again and All He Ever Desired has fallen behind in the first round of voting. Poor Ryan! If you have a spare minute, he’d appreciate your vote! It’s open until 1am eastern time.

Just go to the Dabwaha voting set and, in the poll, just click on the bubble next to All He Ever Desired and then click vote. Super fast and easy!

Help save Ryan in this March Madness-type tournament of DOOOOM!… Read More »

The Christmas gift (of doom?)

If you’ve read All He Ever Dreamed, you might recognize this Christmas gift I received from my husband…

Patriots plaque

It’s hard to read, but the last game played at Foxboro Stadium was the infamous 1/19/02 snow game against the Raiders and we beat them 16-13. And the first game played at the shiny new Gilette Stadium was on 9/9/02 and we beat the Steelers 30-14.

It hangs in my living room with another Christmas gift from my husband—a signed across Read More »

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