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All about the undead over here

After seeing the ravings on Twitter for so long, I finally succumbed and decided to check out the first episode of The Walking Dead. That became an epic glom that didn’t end until I ran out of episodes. My talking about it led to the Teen wanting to watch it, and then our discussions led to the husband wanting to check it out. Much to the Short Kid’s dismay, I had to tell him no. (Not so much because … Read More »


I was going to tweet this picture, but then realized the story just won’t fit in 140 characters.

Back when the Short Kid was…he’d just turned one in November, I think, so it would have been April of 2002, we went to Orlando. Disney was fun, though we’re not really ride people, so Animal Kingdom was our favorite of the parks. Gatorland, though. We had a great time at Gatorland.

As with any tourist place, they had photo opps, and … Read More »

It’s Friday again?

Time for my weekly date with the bathroom scale. (I keep telling myself I should weigh daily for a while just to stay on track, but I don’t.) Last Friday, I’d gained 4.6 pounds. This week I’ve lost 4 pounds. So, yay, though again I’m chalking a lot of that yo-yo up to Ma Nature.

I did recognize a destructive pattern I have going on, though. When we go out for dinner Friday nights or breakfast Saturday morning, I’ll inevitably … Read More »

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