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What I’m working on today…

Jack was on his third scotch, eyeing the wedding guests and idly pondering lithe brunette versus busty redhead—he’d been avoiding blondes—when his cellphone vibrated in his pocket.

He thought about not answering it—everybody whose call he absolutely had to take was in the reception hall—but yapping on the phone beat standing around watching other people have a good time.

The number wasn’t familiar to him. “Donovan.”


The music was too loud, to say nothing of the voices and laughter, … Read More »

The power of IM-duh-BAH

IMDb icon If you were to gather my family’s computers and gadgets all in one place and poke through them, I have no doubt that the app used the most, collectively, would be the IMDb app. When you’re watching a show and somebody says, “Hey, it’s that guy—you know, the guy who was in that show with the woman who was in Seinfeld“, or whatever, you can go to the show and follow the breadcrumbs back to that guy. Release … Read More »

Demon sled

My husband never got around to taking his snowmobile out of the back of the truck, so I’ve been hauling it around with me everywhere for a couple of weeks, at least. But I rarely drive at night, due to having a total lack of night vision, so I was taken a bit by surprise when I stopped at the bottom of my hill and got a glimpse of the Demon Sled of Doom in my rear view mirror.

Brake lights making sled in bed of truck glow red

Nothing … Read More »

Day One

Day one of winter break and the short kid woke up with a wicked cold. This means the teen and I are playing ring-around-the-house as we try to stay in different rooms than the infected one.

Too bad my husband doesn’t have the week off. We had some snow this weekend, and it’s the wet and heavy kind that makes for great grooming and trails. The forecast had said a foot, then they said it would only be a few … Read More »

Pretending it’s not Friday

Sorry, guys, but I’m not getting on the scale today. I’m pretty self-aware when it comes to my state of mind and today my mood is burn it all to the ground, leaving nothing but scorched earth in my wake. I’m afraid if I get on the scale and it’s not good, I’ll burn it all to the ground by going from drive-thru to drive-thru eating all the things.

And Winter Break officially starts at 2:30 this afternoon, … Read More »

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