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The long weekend that was

We had a lovely long weekend here at Casa Stacey. The Short Kid's birthday fell on Thanksgiving Day this year, and we made the trek to Maine to celebrate with my sister, her husband and boys, my mom and my brother-in-law's dad. SK wore his #12 jersey to celebrate his #12 birthday, and he was thrilled to receive this most awesome Patriots hat.

If, when we were kids, you'd told us I'd have fluffy, frou-frou dogs and my sister would … Read More »

Family time!

I hope all of my American friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving break, and a happy weekend to everybody else!… Read More »

The raccoon…he is watching

The weekend before last, my husband and I went up north to do some joint ATV/snowmobile club trail maintenance. Since it’s rather chilly up there this time of year and the camper’s closed for the season, we stayed at the inn down the road where we eat breakfast during the ATVing season and where my husband often stays during sledding season.

We always take the Big Room, which is actually two adjoining bedrooms and sleeps like six to eight people, … Read More »

Turning it around

Finally! I lost 1.6 pounds this week. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I had a weird salivary gland flare-up thing and couldn’t put food in my mouth at all for all of Tuesday and into Wednesday, which probably helped, but I made up for it once I could eat again. I’ve still got a ways to go before I’m back to where I left off at my lowest weight, but at least it’s incentive to keep … Read More »

Getting that first line down

I love opening lines. Some I have to work at them, tweaking them over and over again while I’m writing the rest of the story. And sometimes they just pop into my head as-is.

One of the “popped into my head” opening lines became Yours To Keep, and it refused to go away. This was a problem because 1) I thought I was done with the Kowalskis and 2) I was getting ready for a funeral and I was … Read More »

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