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A little tidbit of Josh

I’ve put up chapter one of All He Ever Desired!

And, just so this isn’t the shortest blog post ever, here’s a little Josh tidbit from All He Ever Dreamed. (Katie’s moved into the Northern Star Lodge to help out her mom.)

“Put some damn clothes on. We don’t run around half-naked here.”

Katie looked down at her tank top and boxers. “Shirt. Shorts. Pretty much the opposite of half-naked.”

“You’re not wearing a…” He waved his hand

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Another season comes to an end

Yesterday, we winterized our camper, loaded up the ATVs (and a season’s worth of accumulated debris) and said goodbye for the winter. Some years, I’m ready to be done with the back and forth and bags of very dirty laundry and lists. This year, I got pretty weepy. There was too much going on this summer and fall, and the middle of October came too soon.

The last campfire

The picnic tables are up

Goodbye, camper

Now it’s hibernation time … Read More »

Help! What made you laugh?

I’m finishing up a project on infusing contemporary romance with humor and I want to include a few examples from the Kowalski series. So, if you’ve read the books, was there a scene that made you laugh or you thought was particularly funny?… Read More »

Winter has arrived

This weekend, while enduring a cold, rainy long weekend at camp, we saw a flock of geese. They were flying north, though, which was mildly perplexing. Do they know something we don’t know? Today, though, I saw the official first sign of winter:

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Going the wrong way

ACK. I gained 2.8 pounds this week. Since August 24th, I’ve gained back 6.4 pounds. I keep telling myself—

It’s natural to have some fluctuation.
My stress level’s been crazy.
My sleep pattern has been totally screwed.
Blah blah blah…

Basically, I keep giving myself excuses. And I’m already excusing myself for the long weekend. Going to camp and the extended family’s going to be there. Lots of munchies.

Come Tuesday, I’ll be kicking myself in the ass. Tracking. Eating … Read More »

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