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Random Guy at Walmart

To set the story properly, I have a photo. Obviously I care about y’all a lot because taking a picture of your own vehicle in the Walmart parking lot is a little douchey, but I did it anyway. I tried to pass it off like I was holding the phone up to see the screen in the sunlight, but I’m not sure I pulled it off.

Anyway, Random Guy at Walmart saw me park and walk away from this (my … Read More »

A birthday boy

Today, Tasmanian Devil Dog of Doom “Taz” Stacey is a year old! It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since he was a wee baby being comforted by his new daddy after a long airplane ride.

Yeah, he’s a little more comfy with us now.

Happy first birthday, Tazzy-B!… Read More »

And another school year begins

I dropped my boys off for their first day of school of this morning. The Short Kid’s at the middle school for 6th grade and the Teen’s at the high school to rock 12th grade.

I’m surprisingly emotional this morning about my sweet baby boy being a senior. It’s probably a good thing there’s no alcohol in the house or I’d be a drunken, sobbing mess instead of just a sobbing mess.… Read More »

The weekend in photos

It was a work kind of weekend for the Stacey family. The guys had to build new stairs.

New stairs for the deck!

It did involve power tools, though, which are always fun.

SK runs the drill.

What was I doing? Working in my home-away-from-home office.

The other home office.

My ATV never moved, but the coffee flowed, the air conditioning blew and I have new stairs. How was your weekend?… Read More »

Back at it

I got sidetracked with RWA and a ton of other stuff going on and fell off the weight loss plan. Fortunately, I was lucky and didn’t gain any back, though I didn’t lose much, either.

Not sure where I left off, but this morning’s weight (178.8) is a new low. That puts my total loss so far at 46.2 pounds, with 8.8 left to go to meet the goal I set in January. (Since I’m not breaking the glass stones … Read More »

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