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Spreading the plague and photos on hold

My intended post for today, which would be a few photos from the teen’s French & Indian War adventure, is delayed. I shared the Cold/Crud from Hell with the Short Kid and my husband couldn’t resist the power of our combined germs. He succumbed yesterday and, if you have a grown man in your life, you know when they have colds, the world stops spinning.

Because he went to bed early, we didn’t get a chance to download the teen’s … Read More »

Missing Friday, a cover tease and hotel panic

I just realized I didn’t post Friday. It was that kind of week. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cold/sore throat/chest crud this bad and, much to my dismay, I’ve shared with the Short Kid. To recap, I gained .2 last week, which was better than I anticipated since I’ve not only been reintroducing foods as I recover, but I’ve been testing my limits pre-RWA conference. More on that Friday. (A month of not being able to eat certain … Read More »

Wanna win Mitch?

I answered some fun interview questions for Kindles and Wine (don’t you love that name?) and it went live today! And, they’re giving away an ARC of All He Ever Needed, which is Mitch Kowalski’s book and won’t release into the wild until September! Follow the link to read the interview and comment to enter!… Read More »

Not quite the Kowalskis, but fun nonetheless

We had family visiting camp this weekend and a very good time was had by all. (That’s what they tell me, anyway. They could be lying.) (But I don’t think they are.) We’re not as numerous or rowdy as the Kowalski family, but there was ATVing, mud, flaming marshmallows and pool time.

The Short Kid needs to learn to wait until the adults have it together before getting ready to go. Sitting on your ATV in the sun, in full … Read More »

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