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If you marry a girl from Massachusetts

(This came to me by way of a forward of a forward of a forward…you know how that works. This one actually made me laugh, though, perhaps because I’m a girl from Massachusetts. Because it was a forward of a forward of a forward, I don’t know who to attribute it to. Sorry, funny person!)

Three friends married women from different parts of the country.

The first man married a woman from Wisconsin. He told her that she was to … Read More »

True love in the Apocalypse

Yesterday I mentioned on Twitter it was gun cleaning day, which led to the following conversation with my fellow Carina Press author, Cathy Pegau, which I’ll share here because it amused me and not everybody’s on Twitter.

Me: He won’t let me have the .22 painted pink, which is why I need my own. :)

Cathy: Every woman needs her own, I think. :) Especially when the apocalypse hits.

Me: Yes. Mr S would grab the gun, trip me, then run

Read More »
Friday again already?

Down 3.8 pounds this week. Which is exactly what I lost last week. Weird, but maybe that’s my official Gallstones Suck weight loss amount. I’m actually glad it’s not more. Keeping it under four per week means it might be easier to keep off after recovery and maybe I’m getting enough nutrition so I’m not weakening other things, like my immune system or whatever. I feel weakened, but I think a lot of that’s in my head. I’m starving, so … Read More »

Wrangling Kowalskis

I’m busy working working working. But I realized I shared a favorite snippet of mine from Ryan’s book on Twitter, but not here on the blog. You can see the personalities I’m dealing with over here.

“Lady, I ain’t a boomerang. You throw me away again, I’m not coming back.”
“You call me lady in that tone again, it’s your balls that won’t be coming back.”

And another tweet, this one from this morning:

If you need me, I’m wrangling … Read More »

Mom bought me quite the flocking pen

Flamingo pen My mom lives in Maine, which means we do quite a bit of our chatting by phone. Two hours here and two hours back means we can visit a hell of a lot more often than when she lived in Missouri, but we rarely have impromptu coffee dates.

So a couple weeks ago we were chatting and she said, “Oh! I was at the antique store and I bought you something. It’s just a little…something.”

It is, in fact, a … Read More »

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