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In which Shannon learns a lesson

I’m down 3.4 pounds this week. (This was my post-surgery recovery week, so take the number for what it’s worth.) That puts me officially over the 40 pounds lost mark. Barely. 40.6 to be exact.

What’s the lesson I learned? No more clothes shopping online until I’ve gone to a store and tried some things on. When I look in the mirror, I don’t really see a difference. I don’t really feel any different, though I know my blood pressure’s … Read More »

If he quacks like an odd duck

So…how ’bout those Red Sox? If you’re with New Englanders and the conversation turns awkward or uncomfortable, somebody will break it out and everybody knows it’s time to change the subject. Then there’s my teen. He…almost gets it right.

Yesterday I had a facepalm moment when I realized I’d gotten the teen’s spending money for an upcoming living history event in big bills.

Teen: “So?”

Me: “So what if you want a coffee and it’s a buck? You expect … Read More »

Cheap cheap cheap!

Guess what? Slow Summer Kisses is on sale for 99 cents, now through this weekend only! At less than a buck, now’s a great time to grab it for your Kindle or Nook. And, if you’ve read it, 99 cents is a very nice price for gifting it to a friend!

There’s also a fabulous review of the entire collection from Library Journal, which includes comments like: “Stacey’s Slow Summer Kisses is the type of story Stacey … Read More »

Quick check-in

According to the scale I lost exactly one pound this week. I guess the Jello and chicken broth diet wasn’t as effective as I’d hoped. But it’s another pound in the Pounds Lost jar. My total loss since the beginning of the year is 37.2 pounds and I’m 17.8 pounds away from my goal. I’m not going to reach that before Anaheim, but that’s okay. At least I’ll still be able to go and I might even be able to … Read More »

The scale hates me

I lost .4 pounds this week. Damn scale couldn’t even give me a full half-pound. I’m a little angry about it, to be honest, because, even though I know I should be thankful any time the number goes down, the silver lining in this whole eat-food-suffer-excruciating-pain fiasco was supposed to be bonus weight loss.

I’ve been a less active than usual, though, because I feel so worn down all the time. I’m pretty sure if I could just have an … Read More »

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