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Self-soothing puppy

Taz has always had a habit that’s so freaking adorable it melts me into a little puddle of mushy goo—he sucks his thumb.

So to speak. When he’s sleepy, he pulls his paw up to his face and licks the side of it with tiny little licks until he falls asleep. It’s really hard to capture his wee baby tongue with the camera, but that’s what he’s doing in this picture.

It’s cutest thing I’ve ever seen.… Read More »

Hesitation is good (apostrophes, not so much)

The Short Kid wrote a little article about ATVs for the student-run school newspaper and I thought it was really cute (if a bit of a hot mess). We won’t talk about the apostrophe in “ATV’s Are Great”, okay?

The first line is the one that made me laugh.
Hesitation is good: if you don’t hesitate, then you will always hit stuff.

Since he’s a minor, I’ll be accepting the Pulitzer on his behalf.… Read More »

Across the tech divide

Friday night my husband and I stayed at a bed and breakfast. We’re not really bed and breakfast people. That whole “sharing living space with strangers” doesn’t work for us. As a matter of fact, if we visit family, we’ll usually stay at a motel near their home. But we’ve known the owners of this bed and breakfast a long time and they’re awesome and we’re comfortable with them. My husband stays there sometimes when he’s sledding, though this was … Read More »

Starts with a one!

I’ll forever be referring to the last five or six days as Hell Week, only without the hot SEAL guys. It simply sucked. But this morning, this is what I saw on the scale:

Yes, for the first time in at least a decade, my weight starts with a one! Barely, at 199.8, but I’ll take it. Even though I only moved one stone from the “To Lose” jar to the “Lost” jar, it’s a pretty profound milestone for me. … Read More »

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