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As long as they don’t start talking to us

In a lot of ways, my family’s divided into two teams. On one side, my husband and the teen and, on the other, the short kid and me. For instance, my husband and our oldest go with logic over emotion. They analyze something and then decide if they have any feelings on the matter. The short kid and I go straight to Muppet-flail, Scarlett-O’Hara-swoon drama without passing GO or collecting $200 and then think about whether something was worth getting … Read More »

When writers stop traffic

I just had to go run some more errands (because I keep forgetting things today), which included running into Walgreens for the kid’s allergy meds. I was about halfway across the parking lot when a big white pickup caught my eye. On the access door, in big letters, it said “K-9 UNIT”. The truck didn’t look like the usual NH law enforcement vehicle, so I read the driver’s door and it said “US Coast Guard Auxiliary”.

That made the wheels … Read More »

Fighting off the return of the two

I gained one pound back this week. I blame my children. And my mom came to visit yesterday, so I can blame her, too. :lol:

That single pound is a wake-up call in a couple of ways. One, the gap between my current weight and returning to the 200s is back to being measured to the right of the decimal point. Don’t want to go back there, so I need to be very good this week.

And, two, I’m going to … Read More »

Spring break

There’s a phrase that usually summons images of fun, beaches, partying and copious amounts of alcohol. Spring break! Woohoo!. Yeah, not here. Mostly it just means my kids are home all week and I have to provide some kind of lunch for them, which is usually the school’s job. But we’ve passed the halfway mark now and my mom’s coming to visit today.

The worst part has been that, without having to get the boys to school first thing … Read More »

Need to muck out the iPad closet

Apparently I’m an iPad video hoarder. Going through and deleting stuff was grueling. But I need to have Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog at my fingertips. And I need to carry Mamma Mia around with me.

Sadly, they had to go to make room for season three of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. (Do they not sell ATV helmets in New Jersey?)

Every once in a while, I pause and wonder at technology. I remember the first show we watched … Read More »

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