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The Kowalski DABWAHA Team of Doom…and more

Folks are filling out their DABWAHA brackets, which made it a tough weekend to (mostly) be offline. The Short Kid got a little mopey on us and asked that Dad take the weekend off from sledding and I take the weekend off from the internet, so I was having to sneak onto Twitter here and there with my phone to keep up with the goings-on.

I have my fingers crossed the Kowalski DABWAHA Team of Doom has a good showing! (Although, sadly, that’s too long a team name for Twitter.) But this weekend was family time.

Saturday we saw John Carter and all four of us really enjoyed it. Humor, action, romance and Taylor Kitsch. Four thumbs up! On the flipside, a friend of mine said The Lorax was pretty bad and adults should bring a book.

Yesterday we went to a Manchester Monarchs game. (AHL hockey.) We had a blast, despite a loss, but I think I need to get Hockey For Dummies for the Short Kid before we go again. When they pulled the goalie for a Hail Mary charge at the CT Whale’s net, he about came undone. Ohmigod, where’s the goalie? Where did our goalie go? And every time the whistle blew, he’d say, “Icing?” It was funny at first, but it got old. Whistle. Icing? Whistle. Icing? Whistle. Icing?

I think maybe a certain child hasn’t been paying attention during the 934,823 times I’ve watched Miracle.

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