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The DABWAHA is coming…

DABWAHA Finalist sticky note

It’s DABWAHA time again, and Yours To Keep is a finalist in the contemporary romance category! It’s true! There’s even a sticky note on my Mac to prove it.

You can read the list of finalists here and find out how to nominate your picks for the eighth book in each category.

I love the DABWAHA! Almost trash talking time!… Read More »


In a fun, awesome, crazy turn of events, Jaci and I got to have Publishers Marketplace announcements at the same time!

Here’s hers:

NYT and USA Today bestselling author Jaci Burton’s next three books, continuing her Play-by-Play series, in a good deal, again to Kate Seaver for Berkley Heat, by Kimberly Whalen at Trident Media Group.

I am so freaking happy about this. I love this series and Changing the Game was one of my favorite books of last year. … Read More »

The birth and death of a marital grudge

Sometime in the spring of 1995, a marital grudge was born. We were coming up on our second anniversary and I was pregnant with our first child. Being young and stupid, most of what I knew about expectant fathers, I’d learned from television. How many times had I seen TV husbands go out at 2am to get their pregnant wives ice cream or pickles or whatever crazy thing they craved in the wee hours?

So, in that spring of 1995, … Read More »

Progress, perspective & pictures

Friday. Scale day. And today it said…I lost one pound. Woohoo! It went back and forth between 204 and 205 for a few seconds, but I had baked mac & cheese for supper last night and it settled on the 205. So that’s 20 pounds lost so far in 2012 and, since I put 55 stones in the Pounds To Lose jar, I’m more than a third of the way there.

It’s encouraging, but it’s also messing with my head … Read More »

The auction is live!

I’m going to cheat and rerun my previous post, but now with EBAY LINK! And I added another photo at the bottom.

The Unleeshed auction starts March 1st now and here’s my offering:

What’s in that (admittedly not the best quality) picture?

* A Coach bag in shiny red patent
* A shimmery red scarf that I hand-knit to the match the shiny Coach bag
* A nifty Kindle Fire
* An M-EDGE Incline Jacket in red for the
Read More »

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