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Canine comfort

I got lucky, walking by with my phone in hand, and captured this picture of Mini and Taz sound asleep. It makes me smile.

Taz and Mini snugglingRead More »

His mother’s son

There’s a good chance my husband and the teen will be stark, raving mad before July rolls around. It’s no secret I’m a bit obsessive. I like things laid out, from A to Z, in detail. I don’t like surprises or detours and I never, ever just “roll with it”.

The surprise is the short kid. His obsession with preparing himself for the trip to Anaheim for the RWA National Conference in July puts even me to shame. Every day … Read More »

The Kowalski DABWAHA Team of Doom…and more

Folks are filling out their DABWAHA brackets, which made it a tough weekend to (mostly) be offline. The Short Kid got a little mopey on us and asked that Dad take the weekend off from sledding and I take the weekend off from the internet, so I was having to sneak onto Twitter here and there with my phone to keep up with the goings-on.

I have my fingers crossed the Kowalski DABWAHA Team of Doom has a good showing! … Read More »

Fell in the slacker rut

I’ve been slacking a bit on the tracking of points, which is kind of the core of WW. I’m good during the day, but dinner…it can be hard to figure out those points and I’m tired and I don’t wanna. Of course, the downside is that I stepped on the scale this morning and there was no change. I’ll try to be happy I didn’t gain any and be more diligent in my tracking.

I did do measurements this … Read More »

A canine sulk

I have no idea what’s going on with my dogs today. They were cuddled on the couch together, sharing a fuzzy toy they’re both particularly fond, of when I went outside to rummage around in my truck for a receipt I can’t find.

I came in to find Mini curled up in her dad’s recliner and Taz slumped on the couch. They’re both sulking and want nothing to do with each other or with me.

sulking dogs

Sometimes they’re worse than the … Read More »

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