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Unleeshing the goodies

It’s almost auction time! Because I was up until two and up again at six, I’m going to be lazy and copy from the website…

The Unleeshed 12U girls softball team is made up of nine very talented, extremely dedicated young ladies who work hard and make sacrifices because they want to play ball and they want to excel.

This year they very much want to make the trip to Panama City Beach, Florida to play in the World Series of Softball July 8-15th and they’re asking for your help.
(Buna Unleeshed auction website)

This is Girlie’s team—daughter of Maya Banks—and she and her teammates are so fierce. I’m honored to have a chance to help these wicked awesome young women get to Florida.

What am I donating?

Bundle of goodies including Kindle Fire + signed books by NYT Bestselling author, Shannon Stacey

Coach bag with the first three Kowalski books, autographed by Shannon as well as a special edition PRINT version of Holiday Kisses, a Kindle Fire and a hand knitted scarf.

Hand-knitted by me. If you had any idea how few knitting projects I finish, you’d know the scarf is truly a rare treasure, LOL. I’ll have a photo of the goodies to Lillie by the first of the week so you all can see it. And print copies of Holiday Kisses can’t be bought anywhere, so opportunities to get one are as rare as my finished knitting projects.

There’s an amazing assortment of awesomeness to bid on come March 1st (Maya Banks! Jaci Burton! Nalini Singh! Nora! And many more!), so you should check out the website and see what you’re tempted to bid on. (Except the ARC of Julie James’s April release. Don’t check that out. That’s going to be mine. MINE.)

(Okay, fine, you can check it out. Just don’t be the last person to outbid me.) (Please.) :lol:

One comment to “Unleeshing the goodies”

  1. library addict
      · February 15th, 2012 at 8:16 am · Link

    Ooh, sounds like fun. Lots of great items to bid on.

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