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My girl

Mini and Taz get a lot of time in the spotlight because they’re cute and never more than six inches from me. And Gizmo, who I’ve always sworn is more puppy than kitty, gets her share, too.

Today was Jinx’s turn. She wanted something from me and was determined to stare at me until I figured it out. (If you guessed litterbox, you guessed right.)

20120209-160834.jpgRead More »

Hey, Whatsyourname

Recently I ran into a friend of my husband’s. Not a best friend, but not merely an acquaintance, either. When he saw me, he smiled and said, “Hey, Mrs. S!” just as he has for almost twenty years, with the cheekiness of a long-standing inside joke.

Yeah. He doesn’t remember my name.

I’d never call him on it, of course. I just smile and wave. For one thing, my husband’s horrible with names and I know how bad he feels … Read More »

Post-Super Bowl Blues

The Patriots lost. It sucked. I think this loss was especially hard for two reasons. For one thing, it was to the Giants. Again. But mostly because everybody wanted this improbable Super Bowl win for Mrs. Kraft.

(Deleted about six paragraphs of maudlin musings on the emotional undertone of this season. You’re welcome.)

So anyway, the Chevy truck commercial with the apocalypse and the Twinkies and the raining frogs was my favorite Super Bowl commercial. Which was yours? … Read More »

A day late and three pounds short

Even though I never did get the blog post written, I got on the scale yesterday for my Friday morning weigh-in. And after I got off the scale, I got to move three glass stones to the Pounds Lost jar. Yay!

WW said my first “sensible” target weight would be 212.8 but, since my ancient scale doesn’t do decimal points, I’ll call it 212. So I’m four pounds away from hitting that target weight, which means I’m four pounds away … Read More »

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