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The auction is coming, the auction is coming!

The Unleeshed auction starts March 1st and here’s my offering:

What’s in that (admittedly not the best quality) picture?

* A Coach bag in shiny red patent
* A shimmery red scarf that I hand-knit to the match the shiny Coach bag
* A nifty Kindle Fire
* An M-EDGE Incline Jacket in red for the Kindle Fire
* Signed copies of the Kowalski series in paperback
* A signed paperback copy of the Holiday Kisses anthology, which includes my
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Day One of Winter Break

My boys have no school this week. I have a love/hate relationship with school vacations. I love not having to rush around in the morning and I love not sitting in the car-rider pickup line at the end of the day. And it’s nice for the boys to hang out and charge their batteries for a while.

On the flip side, my boys will be home all week. I’ll probably spend more than a few hours hiding in my bedroom … Read More »

Happy Birthday, Mini!

My Minibella is four years old today. After about 450 attempts, she just now decided to let me take her picture to commemorate the occasion.

I can’t believe it’s been that long! This photo was taken the weekend we brought her home in May of 2008:

She was so freakin’ cute, wasn’t she? Even cuter than Taz, maybe. So why did we start keeping her short? Besides the fact she prefers it, there’s this photo of what would happen to … Read More »

Friday date with the scale

I was pretty shocked when I stepped on the scale this morning and discovered I’ve lost three pounds since last Friday. Very shocked, actually.

I had a bit of a bad week. I got a bit whiny and petulant and my attitude about calculating points and tracking my food was along the lines of a three year old’s I don’t wanna. I recognized that earlier in the week and, rather than feel more stressed and miserable about it, I … Read More »

The baby-free happily ever after

There’s a conversation on Twitter about infertile heroines who are or become okay with that. Even though it’s no secret I love my babylicious epilogues, I’ll probably keep an eye out for good recommendations anyway.

I’ve written two heroines who can’t or won’t have babies.

Eliza, from Taming Eliza Jane (Kindle/Nook) can’t have children. I had a little fun with reader expectation (with regard to the romance hero’s magic sperm) in that epilogue.

And Carmen, from … Read More »

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