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Mom, she’s touching me again

Taz had his first regular appointment with the groomer this morning. He’s been a couple of times to say hi and hang out with a little touching and brushing, but today the boy was groomed. He did really well, though he wasn’t too impressed with Mini’s inability to comfortably share shotgun.

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Warring bunnies

One of my favorite things about Macs is iPhoto. I love that it stores photos in “albums” by date, and that you can name the albums. On the main screen it displays the first photo in the folder and the title. If you don’t title the album, it simply displays the date.

Last week, I was scrolling down through the main page, looking for a certain photo and did a double-take when I came to this:

That’s the only photo … Read More »

Yet another 2011 reading recap

Random: On Dec 31st of 2004, my husband was called out on an emergency service call, leaving me bored and alone on New Year’s Eve. I decided, “hey, why not start a blog?” and my first real post went up January 1st of 2005, so today marks seven years of blogging for me.

Anyway, according to my Goodreads shelf, I only read 38 books in 2011. On the one hand, that makes me a little sad. On the other, I … Read More »

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