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Weight Watchers, salad and a wary dog

I started Weight Watchers first thing Monday morning. I’ve tried it before and lasted about a day and a half, but I’m pretty determined this time. I can only assume, based on what I’ve seen from previous RWA National conferences that, if I go this July, somebody will end up with me in the background of a photo or something. Blech.

Monday I was a little rushed at lunch time, so I popped one of those microwave meals in. They’re … Read More »

Just don’t tell my husband

One of the primary reasons my husband resisted our buying the 27″ iMac for so long was that I rarely worked at the desk. That was due to the fact my shoulders and neck would kill me if I spent more than a half-hour there.

Long story short: I had the chair too high. I liked it up there but, ergonomically, it was a horror show. Thanks to Twitter, I found a comfortable spot, with my knees and elbows making … Read More »

A Hell On Wheels prediction

We’ve been watching Hell On Wheels, the new western series set in a traveling railroad town. The pacing’s a little slow for my taste, but it’s very good. My husband and the teen love it.

I’m hoping they won’t take this well-traveled path, but I told my teen what I thought would happen and he said I have to blog about it so it would have a “timestamp”.

My prediction? The reverend’s daughter is going to fall into the … Read More »

How to tell you spend too much time alone

This morning was a little rough, even for a Monday, and I ended up running a few minutes late due to my unwillingness to “Wake up, Mom!”. Ran out of here without turning off the TV or the lights or anything. As I was dropping off the Short Kid at school, I was struck by the fact I had to buy a coffee table right that very second, so I went from the school to the furniture store. … Read More »

Censoring the electrical way

Despite not being allowed to read my books, the Short Kid is mom’s biggest fan, so it took him about five seconds to snag a Kowalski bookmark for his very own.

It took me several days to realize he was using the bookmark in his current read, which also meant he was taking the bookmark to school.

I’m pretty sure Bitches isn’t on the fifth grade vocabulary list, so we broke out dad’s black electrical tape and did a little … Read More »

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