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I finally found the perfect coffee mug

After stopping into Books-A-Million, where I signed the copies they had of Exclusively Yours, we wandered down the plaza and, for some reason, went into the Hallmark store.

Where I saw this coffee mug and asked it where it had been all my life:

When the Short Kid, who’s been told not to make me call the flying monkeys at least a million times in his life, saw it, he said I had to buy it. I have … Read More »


I have Kowalski bookmarks of doom! And I love them. I wasn’t sure how CrocoDesigns was going to deal with my crazy request for a bookmark featuring all three books that didn’t make one’s eyeballs hurt. If you’ve worked with Frauke before, you won’t be surprised they came out gorgeous.

If you’d like a bookmark, send an email to with “Bookmarks” in the subject line and your mailing address. If you’d like extra to share with book-loving friends … Read More »

Happy holidays!

I’m signing off until next week. Rumor has it Christmas is this Sunday and I have about three weeks worth of stuff to do to get ready. I also need to start stalking the bookstore shelves, looking for Exclusively Yours (which is shipping online!).

So for now, happy holidays from all of us at Casa Stacey!

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Starting to panic

Six days until Christmas. I swear, my brain can’t make any sense of that combination of words. Six. Days. Until. Christmas.

Thanks to Amazon’s nifty Prime membership, the shopping’s pretty much under control. Except the stockings. Christmas stockings are hard. Deodorant for everybody! I haven’t even started making the cracker candy. Not a single decoration. And forget Christmas cards.

If I don’t at least get the tree up today, my family’s going to ask Santa for a new mom.… Read More »

Dear potential members of the future jury of my peers

If the day your services are needed should come, my defense will be simple: twenty years of finding wire staples in odd places by way of them jamming up under my fingernails.

Exhibit A:

I trust you’ll do the right thing.

And…OW.… Read More »

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