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That brown bread in a can stuff

So last night on Twitter, Lime asked about brown bread in a can. Being a smartass, I tweeted a picture of the can I happened to have in my cupboard.

Imagine my surprise when I got a whole lot of “what the hell is that?” in return. I had no idea brown bread in a can was a New England thing. That led to the following conversation with my husband…

Me: “How would you describe brown bread in a … Read More »

Carina Press’s November Novellas

Carina Press has a select group of novellas on sale for $1.99 through November. There’s a fabulous variety, so something for everybody and they’re DRM-free!… Read More »

Book love!

I’m super busy this week, but I feel a need to talk about something besides Taz, the new Stacey Puppy of Doom, so I’m going to share a book recommendation. I am loving this book. I’m actually glad I’m so busy because I’m savoring it in bits rather than devouring it in one bite, because then I’d be sad when it’s over.

So which book? Wife For A Week by Kelly Hunter (Harlequin Presents, August 1, 2007). It’s definitely a … Read More »

A little size perspective

The extra fluff and big head that Taz have make it hard to judge his size when he’s the focus of a picture, so for a little perspective, here’s a photo of Taz and Mini in the yard (along with the short kid’s feet). I would have gotten one of them closer together, but Mini’s not a puppy fan.

Keeping in mind that Mini is physically smaller than the cats, you can see Taz is even smaller. She weighs 11.5 … Read More »

And Baby Boy Stacey’s name is…

Baby Boy Stacey has arrived and after all the name brainstorming and discussion and more brainstorming, his name is…Taz. He was all cute and timid in the airport.

Then we found a little spot of grass in the airport parking lot and set him down. He spun in circles, ripped apart a small bush, tried to kill my husband’s sneaker, and spun in more circles. Somebody compared him to the Tasmanian Devil in the cartoon and that was that. Nobody … Read More »

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