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Marital archaeology

My husband needs his social security card. Not just the number, but the actual card. One would think it would be with ours, right? Sadly, the last time he remembers seeing the physical card itself predates our almost twenty years together, which means it predates my control freak, micro-managing tendencies.

So we spent the evening digging. Digging through drawers and boxes and…you name it, we dug through it. When a couple’s been together almost two decades and has lived in … Read More »

It’s Retro Me

When we gathered at my sister’s for Thanksgiving, I was thrilled to find out Mom brought the old photo albums and I ended up using my phone to take pictures of some of the pictures. They’re a little shiny because of the cellophane. (Is that what it’s called?) There’s no detaching pictures from adhesive they’ve been stuck to for twenty or thirty years. Most of the pictures had never been seen by my husband or my brother-in-law, so it was … Read More »

Thanksgiving break

I’ll be busy for the next several days, so I want to wish my American friends a very happy Thanksgiving! I hope everybody who’s traveling does so safely, that everybody’s turkey is moist and nobody ends up with Great-Aunt Edie’s dentures in their mashed potatoes.

If you’re hitting the stores on Black Friday, I’ll be thinking of you. From my house, where there are no crazy people. :)

For those who don’t have Turkey Day coming up I’ll simply wish you … Read More »

I have wicked rotten kids

Thanks to Walmart, I’ve been singing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” all day.

SK: Mom, you’re singing it again.

Me: Oops. At least, as earworms go, it’s not bad.

TK: Somebody call 9-1-1


SK: Moves like Jagger, moves like Jagger

Me: Ohimigod, you are both SO GROUNDED!… Read More »

New recipe win that wasn’t

For a few brief, shining moments last night, I thought I’d found a new recipe all four of us would eat. As you may know, this is a pretty big deal because there are maybe a half-dozen dinners we’ll all eat. And it was so easy!

I took a cup of Italian bread crumbs. Like these:

And mixed the bread crumbs with 2 tablespoons of grated parmesan. Like this:

Then I took a package of chicken tenders and moved on … Read More »

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