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This coupon code is going to kill my bank account

In honor of Comic Con, get 40% off ALL ebooks at until midnight eastern time on Oct. 16th. Use the coupon code NYCOMICCON (in all caps) at checkout! And ebooks bought directly from the Carina Press site are DRM-free, which means you can convert them to the format you need.

Romance, sci-fi, mystery, horror…something for everybody and it’s forty-percent off.

You should GO SHOP now! I will be. Forty percent off? How can I not?… Read More »

Epic TV roundup

Now that it’s the middle of October (*pauses to cry*), I’m going to talk about fall television. Why? To distract myself from refreshing my email every ten seconds, looking for my Christmas novella cover. WANT! Anyway…what we’re watching here at Casa Stacey:

The Amazing Race – Still as awesome as ever. We’ve never missed an episode.
And that’s pretty much all we watch on Sunday. We use the extra time to catch up on DVRed shows.

How Read More »

Fresh grapes and Holiday Sparks

Today’s school lunch menu:

I told the Short Kid he should hold out for “GRAPES, brown around the stem” or for “GRAPES, already fermenting”, but he just rolled his eyes at me and went for the cold lunch.

And Holiday Sparks, my 2010 Christmas novella, is only $1.99 for Kindle and Nook right now!… Read More »

When a good plan goes bad

I had some errands I had to do earlier this afternoon, so I came up with a plan. After my errands were done, I’d take myself over to my favorite restaurant and pull up a seat at the counter. I’d have an unsweetened ice tea, whatever lunch special looked good, and finish reading New York to Dallas.

I was sipping my iced tea, waiting for my lunch and hitting about 90% on the Kindle page-ometer where the case was … Read More »

Riding shotgun fail

There are a lot of things I don’t do well. I can’t cook worth a damn. Not any better at housework. The list is pretty long, actually. But if there was one thing I thought I could handle, it’s sitting in the passenger seat of my car.

Apparently not.

While my car was away from home, being tweaked enough to get an inspection sticker, the seats were adjusted. I tried putting mine back a little but, no matter which way … Read More »

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