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Epic TV roundup

Now that it’s the middle of October (*pauses to cry*), I’m going to talk about fall television. Why? To distract myself from refreshing my email every ten seconds, looking for my Christmas novella cover. WANT! Anyway…what we’re watching here at Casa Stacey:

The Amazing Race – Still as awesome as ever. We’ve never missed an episode.
And that’s pretty much all we watch on Sunday. We use the extra time to catch up on DVRed shows.

How I Met Your Mother – We’ve only watched 1 or 2 episodes from this season. Still okay, but I’m ready for him to meet their mother, already.
2 Broke Girls – Watched the first episode. The rest of still waiting. Might delete them.
Two and a Half Men – Watched the first episode. Laughed our asses off, but still don’t think the show will survive losing Sheen. We’ll give it a couple more.
Mike & Molly – Haven’t watched any from this season yet. Not sure how they’ll keep it from getting stale.
Hawaii 5-0 – The writing’s bad, the plots are ridiculous and the science is worse than CSI’s, but this is probably my favorite show on television right now. Love it.
Terra Nova – It’s okay. It’s different, which is nice. But also kind of dumb.
House – We’ve about given up on this one. We used to love it, but they’ve sent him so far off the deep end he’d never be allowed to practice again. And he’s a jerk.
Castle – Still love it, but I’m glad they’re moving away from the super-heavy drama and back to the light fun banter.

Last Man Standing – Haven’t watched it yet, but Tim Allen’s pretty damn funny.
Body of Proof – I hate this show. My husband makes me tape it, so I suspect he’s got a little thing for the character I refer to as “slutty M.E.”. He hasn’t watched any of this season’s yet, so maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll cancel it and I can delete them.
NCIS – Meh. Not stellar so far. My love for the cast keeps me there, but it’s getting stale. The teen passed up this week’s, saying the show’s gotten boring.
NCIS:LA – Ditto. Meh. Not happy with how G’s background has played out, and the rest of it’s getting boring.
Parenthood – Love this show. Madly. The writing and the acting are so awesome.

Modern Family – So funny. We’re still crazy in love with this one.
Revenge – I’m shocked by how much I’m loving this show. We’re an episode behind (maybe 2 now) but it’s delicious.
Survivor – I wish they’d quit bringing back former players. It changes the game dynamic. Still not a fan of the Redemption Island 2nd-chance thing. And make Russell’s nephew stop crying, ffs.
Criminal Minds – I’m so happy the team’s back together I don’t even care what happens in the show. As a bonus, though, the plots have been good, too.
CSI – Meh. Ted Danson’s kept me from giving up on it, but I end up multitasking a lot. Doesn’t hold my interest anymore.

Grey’s Anatomy – I actually officially quit this show two episodes ago by deleting it with like 12 minutes left in the episode. Bottom line: I don’t like these people enough to care what happens to any of them.
The Big Bang Theory – Losing it’s magic for me, although Sheldon and his ohmigod, she did NOT just say that girlfriend keep me coming back.
Person of Interest – My husband and the teen like it more than I do. I like the fact they made the premise kinda-sorta-maybe almost feasible rather than relying on psychics or seeing dead people, but both main characters speak in monotones and it grates on my nerves.
Nothing at 10pm, so DVR catch-up hour

Blue Bloods – We haven’t watched any of this season’s yet. Mostly on Friday nights I just mourn the lack of Flashpoint.
Fringe – I don’t like this show. At all. But it’s my husband’s favorite so I’m stuck with it. The only thing I ever liked about it was the relationship between Walter and Peter and the writers have slowly and systematically destroyed that.

Harry’s Law – We’ve only watched the first episode from this season, but it’s a really good show. Love Kathy Bates. We DVR the replays on Saturday nights because the DVR’s full on its regular night. (If they stop replaying it on Saturday nights I’ll cry.)

What’s your favorite show this season?

9 comments to “Epic TV roundup”

  1. Jaci Burton
      · October 13th, 2011 at 12:33 pm · Link

    Love The Amazing Race. Always so fun to watch.

    Still have mad love for HIMYM.

    We enjoyed the first episode of 2 Broke Girls. Ended our relationship with it after the second episode because it was stupid.

    Still love Castle.

    Still watching NCIS, but it’s not holding my interest as much as it used to. Something needs to happen to spark it back up. I still have the entire new season of NCIS:LA on my DVR and haven’t watched it yet. This should tell me something, like maybe I need to delete it because I’m probably over it.

    Parenthood–Like you, I adore this show.

    Modern Family – Makes us laugh so hard our stomachs hurt.

    Criminal Minds – Finally CBS did something right and brought the family back together. I was pissed off all last season. Now I’m loving it again.

    CSI – Not sure why I still watch it, though I enjoy the show. But it’s getting stale. Hoping Ted Danson adds enough spark to make me love it again.

    Survivor – I’ll always love Survivor, but I agree enough with the returning characters. And Redemption Island sucks.

    Grey’s Anatomy – I can’t believe you invested all that time watching back episodes of Grey’s only to give up on it now. Haven’t you realized they’re all arrogant, whiny pains in the ass and on any given episode you’ll hate one or more of them, if not all of them? I love them. I love this show.

    Big Bang Theory – Amy Farrah Fowler has been the best thing to happen to BBT in a long time. She kills me. The whole group of women is fantastic. Still love this show.

    Some you didn’t mention but we watch.

    The Good Wife, which in my opinion is the single best show on television. Love it like crazy.

    We’re watching New Girl which is sorta funny. Also American Horror Story, which we’re not certain about. I’m also in mad mad love with Sons of Anarchy, which just gets better and better. We love Dexter, which started up again and is awesome. DVR’d Homeland on Showtime but haven’t watched yet and am thinking of catching Kelsey’s Grammar’s new show, Boss on Starz because it’s getting a lot of buzz and looks really good.

    And I realize I should have just done this on my own blog, because I’ve taken up a ton of space on yours ;-)

  2. Corinne Bridges
      · October 13th, 2011 at 4:24 pm · Link

    Sunday: Heartland (Canadian series), The Good Wife, NASCAR; Monday: Hawaii 5-0, Hart of Dixie: Tuesday: Combat Hospital, 90210 & Ringer: Wed: Unforgettable: Thursday: The Big Bang Theory & Rookie Blue: Friday: Blue Bloods: Saturday: HOCKEY!!!!

  3. library addict
      · October 13th, 2011 at 8:13 pm · Link

    Terra Nova – I’m enjoying this show, but it’s definitely aimed at grade school males. [Totally off topic, but as much as I like Jason O’Mara I don’t see him as Morelli.] Also, is it wrong I want the teenage son to get eaten by a dinosaur? He is so annoying :P I want to know more about Taylor and what those symbols are.

    Hawaii Five-O – I like this one a lot. I just have to turn my brain off to watch it. Glad they’ve added Masi Oka to the cast full time. And I hope they give Iron Chef guy (aka Mark Dacascos) more to do as Wo Fat.

    Body of Proof – I hated the pilot episode but it’s gotten better IMO. It’s available on demand so doesn’t take any effort to watch it.

    NCIS – Still enjoying this one. But I’ve been a Mark Harmon fan since before his St Elsewhere days. Agree they need to step up the writing though.
    NCIS: LA – I gave up on this one when they killed off the young guy and then wrote out the psychiatrist guy who were the only ones who could actually act besides Chris O’Donnell and Linda Hunt.

    Criminal Minds – Another one I gave up on a few seasons ago when they killed off Hotch’s wife. Glad to hear they brought Padget Brewster and AJ Cook though.

    CSI – I quit watching this show regularly before Grissom left. Since it’s on demand, I’ve been watching it so far this season. I really enjoyed the episode with the mayor from this week. Then again I lived in Vegas for 20 years, so I enjoy many of the inside jokes the show has.

    Person of Interest – I am really enjoying this one. It was the one new show I was looking forward to, and so far doesn’t disappoint.

    The Mentalist – Still find it entertaining. I will probably stop watching episodes as it airs to justify buying the DVDs. That’s what I’ve done the past few seasons. My only complaint is that I thought the Red John stuff would be over this season. They need to wrap that subplot up as it’s getting old.

    Prime Suspect – Watched the available episodes on demand. Not really impressed.

    A Gifted Man – One I plan to watch if I get to it before the pilot episode disappears from on demand. I liked Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice. Haven’t really seen her in anything modern.

    CSI: NY – I like this one for Gary Sinise and Robert Joy.

    Blue Bloods – I watch this one for the cast. Trying to have everyone’s professional lives overlap so much ruins any credibility the show has as a cop show. And they need to give poor Amy Carlson more to do as Linda.

    Pan Am – Not a fan of the French stewardess and the pilots are way too young, but I am really enjoying the storyline about the sister who works for the CIA. And I like the guy who plays her MI6 handler.

    I am looking forward to Once Upon a Time. I think it will be either really clever or a total disaster.

  4. peggy h
      · October 13th, 2011 at 8:26 pm · Link

    I’m afraid I’m going to be banned from your blog when I tell you the only two shows that are must-watch for my husband and me, Shannon, as you’ve spoken often about how much you lament the love of one or the other of your family for these: Fringe and Doctor Who (*ducks!*–of course DW is done for now, until the Christmas special!) :)

    I do watch a few other shows (such as Castle, and the new show Revenge) but if they were canceled tomorrow, then that’s that.

    The rest of the time, I watch football or cooking shows (even if I am not athletic and my husband does all the cooking!)

  5. Tracy S
      · October 13th, 2011 at 11:24 pm · Link

    Our family loves The Amazing Race too! My boys get such a kick out of all the crazy stuff the people have to do. It’s truly one of the few shows we all watch together as a family.

    NCIS: probably my favorite show of all time. Hasn’t lost it’s magic yet for me.

    NCIS:LA Like it, but not as much as the original.

    Big Bang Theory: still LOVE. Hubby and I didn’t find it until halfway through season 3. We had to play catch up through season DVD’s but I laugh out loud during every episode.

    I too, mourn Flashpoint. BUT good news!! Do you have ION channel? Flashpoint is going to be shown on ION starting October 18:

  6. Shannon
      · October 14th, 2011 at 11:59 am · Link

    The Short Kid was “helpful” and DVRed Grey’s Anatomy for me last night since I “forgot”. Yes, I watched this morning. Still dislike everybody.

    I don’t know if I have Ion, but I’ll have to check because I love Flashpoint. It’s excruciating when the very lucky Canadians tweet about it (because they get it first).

    Peggy, you’d fit right in with my family! Of course, I’d be hiding in the other room with a book, but… LOL.

    I’m looking forward to Once Upon A Time, too. And I agree it’s either going to be awesome or horrific. Hoping awesome. After a decade-long diet of crime and comedy, I’m looking for the something-differents. Like Terra Nova (hate the teen son, too) and Justified.

    Can’t wait for Justified to come back.

  7. Colleen Hruska
      · October 14th, 2011 at 4:59 pm · Link

    At work they dont have cable so when time allows :I have come to like Hart of Dixie on the CW. Also DWTS.

  8. MJ
      · October 14th, 2011 at 8:43 pm · Link

    You make me feel so much better about my TV habits!

    I’ve given up on PanAm and Charlie’s Angels and Up All Night.

    I think HIMYM is hilarious this year, and I like the shift to who is Barney marrying. (It BETTER be Robin.)

    I LOVE Terra Nova. LOVE. But Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies, so…

    I’m enjoying Castle more this season, and Hawaii 50, too, though I’m wondering about the sudden singleness of both leads. More romance sidelines?

    I watched the first two episodes of Ringer and have 3 more on the DVR. No big hurry to watch.

    Glee is okay, and I started watching Raising Hope. Hilarious!

    The Middle and Modern Family are both hilarious. Suburgatory is okay, a nice bridge. And I like Happy Endings. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Revenge. LOVE. LOVE. We’re Tivoing American Horror Story. The first episode was disturbing.

    I still like Grey’s Anatomy, but want to kick Derek in the balls this year. What a butthead. I am just now watching the first episode of The Office. I’ve Tivoed Person of Interest but haven’t watched them.

    Tonight Supernatural and Fringe. Supernatural is pulling out the stops this season! Love it. Fringe…meh. But like you, it’s my husband’s favorite show.

  9. Shannon
      · October 17th, 2011 at 9:29 am · Link

    I bought the first episode of American Horror Story and have it on my iPad, but I haven’t watched it yet. And I heard they’ve already pulled the plug on Charlie’s Angels.

    I tried the first episode of Surburgatory and it didn’t wow me. If I didn’t already have a gazillion shows on the DVR, I might have stuck with it.

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