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Celebrating my library

This year our much-loved, small town library is celebrating 125 years as a much-loved, small town library. She’s a beautiful old building.

She’s historic and graceful, housing not only books and movies and computers, but historical documents and treasures from local artists and craftsmen. She offers a place for studious solitude, but also a place where people come together to play checkers or knit or talk about their favorite books.

She’s not stuffy, though. She loves children and, thanks to an addition built about the time my younger son was born, they’re free to roam an entire floor without bumping into historical treasures or disturbing anybody’s studious solitude. So many books to explore.

And rather than impatiently tapping their feet and rushing their little book explorers, moms can lose themselves in a puzzle.

And she has a secret treasure. A cozy little nook where children can curl up with their favorite books and lose themselves in a literary adventure.

Happy 125th birthday to my library. She is a treasure and I hope future generations fall as madly in love with her as my family has.

One comment to “Celebrating my library”

  1. Amitatuq
      · October 22nd, 2011 at 2:06 pm · Link

    Your library is beautiful! Our library isn’t very old so I’m not feeling too sad that we’re getting a new one. I’m sure I’ll feel some nostalgia for the old building once we have a new one but it’ll be nice to walk and not feel like wiggly floor boards are causing the bookshelves to shake. And I’m hoping we get a better children’s area. The current one is in an area far away from the circulation desk so adults aren’t allowed back there for more than a minute or two if they don’t have children with them (safety reasons).

    I never thought about crafts though! I’d love to have somewhere to go and knit or crochet with others! I love that your library has a knitting circle. Now I’m wishing I’d made it to the community meeting about what we’d like to see in our new library.

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