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What’s your favorite BOO! movie?

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate (or tolerate) it! What movie most scared the pants off you? For me, Blair Witch Project. I thought 99.9% of it was stupid, but the last 10 seconds or so stayed with me for…well, it’s still scares me if I think about it. Spill!… Read More »

Puppy Naming of Doom

In six days, we’ll be driving to the airport to pick up Baby Boy Stacey! And, while we’ve all agreed it’s best to meet the little guy before we name him so he’s not stuck with a name that doesn’t suit him, it hasn’t stopped us from talking about it practically non-stop.

The teen still likes Nano. It not only fits well with Mini, but appeals to our Apple-loving selves.

I’ve been lobbying hard for d’Artagnan. He’ll be … Read More »

First chapter of Mistletoe and Margaritas

I finally got the first chapter of Mistletoe and Margaritas up and you can read it HERE. It also has a Goodreads link and a link to preorder it for Kindle, if you’re so inclined. I’m stalking B&N, waiting for the nook preorder link.

Next week I have to buckle down and get my site in order. I need to add in the collection information for Holiday Kisses. And now all three Kowalski books each have two covers … Read More »

Brisk mornings and costume negotiations

It was hovering right around freezing out there at get-up-and-go time this morning. I think the days are fast approaching when slippers and a hoodie over my Tinkerbell jammies won’t be enough for school drop-off runs. Once I’m willing to navigate by peering through an un-defrosted window because I have all the car’s heat channeled down to my feet, it’s time. Not quite there yet.

And, bummer, but it’s going to be chilly for Halloween. We’ve been lucky and had … Read More »

Reading Carina Press titles on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (the easy way)

One of the great things about Carina Press titles is that they’re DMR-free, which means you can read them on the device of your choice. And maybe you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and want to buy directly from the site because they have great prices and often super-great coupon codes, but you’re not sure how to get them onto the iThing you read on.

Calibre is one of the best things to ever happen to digital reading. … Read More »

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