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Whiskers on puppies and warm woolen mittens

Yes, I’m aware I totally botched those song lyrics, but we’re not getting a kitten. We’re getting a puppy. And I really have no need of bright copper kettles.


I tweeted this picture Saturday, but for the non-tweeting folks (or tweeting folks who don’t follow me, which is okay, too), here’s an updated photo of Baby Boy Stacey at almost 4 weeks old:

I can already tell I’m going to have my hands full with this little guy because who could discipline this kind of cute? (That’s how the Short Kid ended up the way the Short Kid is, btw.)

I’m knitting mittens for the Tall Kid. Bet you can’t tell my least favorite part of mitten knitting!

(Actually my least favorite part is the boiling because it makes my kitchen reek, but that’s not technically knitting.)

Speaking of warm woolen mittens, later this week I’ll be posting an excerpt from Mistletoe and Margaritas. Time to start getting in the holiday spirit! Except the shopping part. I leave that until the Saturday before Christmas, much to my sanity’s dismay.

9 comments to “Whiskers on puppies and warm woolen mittens”

  1. Babs
      · September 26th, 2011 at 12:58 pm · Link

    OMG! OMG! That puppy is just adorable, even cuter than our Border Terrier was at 4 weeks & I didn’t think anything could top that! What breed is he?

  2. Shannon
      · September 26th, 2011 at 1:09 pm · Link

    He’s a Bolo-Noodle. :)

  3. Laura (in PA)
      · September 26th, 2011 at 2:03 pm · Link

    OMG, that’s the cutest puppy ever. But my daughter says the breed name sounds like a soup, lol.

  4. peggy h
      · September 26th, 2011 at 8:55 pm · Link

    Are we all just hungry here in PA…because I also thought Bolo-Noodle sounds like a bit like a nice warm dish for winter :). But that’s an unbelievably adorable puppy!!!

    (And clearly I know nothing about crafts because….boiling…? Really? Knitting woolen mittens involve boiling?!?!)

  5. library addict
      · September 26th, 2011 at 10:49 pm · Link

    That puppy is so cute.

    I admire that you were able knit mittens the same size, even thumbless ones.. I have no crafty type talent whatsoever.

  6. Asha
      · September 27th, 2011 at 8:23 am · Link

    That puppy is so adorable! Awwww!

  7. Shannon
      · September 27th, 2011 at 9:13 am · Link

    My neighbor works at town hall and when I was there yesterday registering vehicles I told her about the new puppy. She looked at me really funny and said, “A bowl of noodles? What?”

    From what I understand, when you successfully breed a hybrid breed, you get to name it. The family has children and Bolo-Noodle won. (Which I think is wicked cute, even if people think our puppy is a bowl of noodles, LOL.)

    Peggy, boiling mittens is a New England fishermen thing. If you don’t boil them, they’re just yarn mittens. But you boil wool (real wool) mittens and it tightens the stitches up beyond what could be humanly knit. (Not felting. Just boiling.) They’re unique in that the wetter they get, the warmer they are.

    I might do a blog post about them when I’m done.

  8. peggy h
      · September 27th, 2011 at 10:09 pm · Link

    Thanks for the explanation—and though I couldn’t knit to save my life, I’m looking forward to reading your blog about knitting! (with pictures? she asks eagerly….)

  9. Shannon
      · September 28th, 2011 at 12:59 pm · Link

    There will be pictures! Hopefully better pictures than the one in this post. I had the Short Kid take it with my phone and he always wants to see how it came out as soon as he taps the button, so he’s already starting to turn it while its still processing.

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