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The Tall Kid’s future

Now that he’s a junior in high school, the talk about what the Tall Kid’s going to be when he grows up has intensified. While I know the freshman year of college is fairly generic and kids change majors all the time, some schools are stronger in certain programs than others and where he goes to college is in some way dictated by what he wants to be.

He finally figured out he’d be a crappy lawyer, but he’s not … Read More »

CSI rant…ishness

(This was supposed to go up tomorrow, but I hit the wrong button and Reader jumped on sending it out.)

I don’t this is spoilerific, but it might not make a lot of sense if you haven’t seen last night’s tonight’s episode.

So Ray (Laurence Fishburne) joined the cast of CSI after Grissom left. He was a professor one day and seemingly the next he was not only a CSI, but an equal. Sometimes it seemed he even had more … Read More »

Vacuums, Peeps & Sex on Wheels

This morning I went to the car wash and used the big industrial vacuum. Some of you may know I’m rather frightened by them*, but I didn’t really have a choice. I’m a car slob. Receipts from the drive-thru. Dunkin Donuts straw wrappers. Empty water bottles. Old grocery lists. You name it, it’s on the floor of my car. I had to clean it out and then I tried using my little hand-held vacuum.

It was the petrified pink … Read More »

September of Automotive Doom

September brings not only my birthday, but…*menacing music*…vehicle inspections. And, even though my husband’s birthday isn’t in September, we moved his truck to my birth date to keep it from being in the same month as his professional license renewals and the beginning of Christmas shopping.

That means it’s nail-biting time. Time to offer up sacrifices to the automotive deities. Please, just let both of them get inspection stickers and I promise I’ll buy new tires for the Read More »


At too-early o’clock this morning, my husband and I were sitting out on the porch, waking up. (We don’t smoke in the house, even in February when it’s ohmigod a wee bit chilly.) We were talking about the new puppy and how the poor thing hopefully won’t understand English pronouns because every pet I’ve ever had has been female. Animals are “she” and “her”. Which led to…

(Oh wait. Infodump! My husband fell in love with the Bolo-Noodle breed after … Read More »

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