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Rocking 1759

While his parents and little brother battled mosquitoes and mud puddles at camp, the Tall Kid had the most amazing long weekend of his life. I’ve mentioned that he would be doing French & Indian War reenacting with my mom this year and last Wednesday they set off on a road trip to his first event — Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown, NY.

Now, my mother drives a Yaris. It’s such a wee baby car that once, when she was coming to visit and asked where she should park, we told her we’d put it in the back of our pickup. And there was no motel room at the end of the trip. They needed tents. Tent poles. Cots. Chairs. Everything they’d need for a long weekend had to fit in the back of the car. Nothing modern and easily collapsible, of course. All wood. And the ridgepoles of those reproduction 1750’s tents? One hundred two inches. Eight and a half feet each. Did I mention she drives a Yaris? It was the like Jigsaw Puzzle of Doom, but they got it done.

I love this shot of the encampment at the fort and I think it’s so awesome he got to be a part of this:

Fort Niagara

Going off to fight the British. The Tall Kid is the one closest to the camera. (He’s not old enough to carry a gun yet.) (Thankfully.) Because his group is milice (French Canadian militia), they don’t wear “proper” uniforms. (Which is nice because those proper uniforms the regulars wear include wool coats.)

Marching off to battle

He and Mom were surprised he was invited “to field” with them on his first trip (acting as a runner since he’s not armed). And they were further surprised when the commander of the Canadian forces chose him to act as his personal messenger throughout the battle. And even more surprised when, later that evening, the commander visited their company fly (communal awning) and gave him a coin which he’s to punch a hole in and wear around his neck at all times. It’s quite an honor, from what we understand, and to have it bestowed upon him as a rookie on his inaugural event was a huge thrill for him.

I was a little nervous he’d come home and tell us the reality of reenacting wasn’t as romantic/fun/whatever as the idea of reenacting, but he absolutely loved it. It’s definitely the most animated and talkative I’ve ever seen him and he practically glows while telling us stories about his weekend.

The kid’s so hooked he didn’t even miss his iPod!

2 comments to “Rocking 1759”

  1. Steve
      · July 6th, 2011 at 9:28 am · Link

    Very Cool. Glad he had a great time. (NEXT

  2. Jaci Burton
      · July 6th, 2011 at 9:35 am · Link

    Awesome pics, Shan! I’m so thrilled for TK and so happy he loved the experience. My #2 son was a huge history lover and participated in many Civil War reenactments all the way through his college years. I remember all the gear and the guns (and the wool–gah!) It was why he decided to attend college on the east coast. And of course as you know he’s now a history teacher and passing on that love of history to his students.

    I hope TK continues to enjoy this kind of immersion in history. Plus it’ll look great on his college application ;-)

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