Shannon Stacey

Premature Semi-Empty Nest Syndrome

On the surface, I’m counting the days until my boys have gone off to college. (Okay, not literally counting the days because SK’s only going into the fifth grade, so that’s a lot of days.) But once the youngest is packed off to a dorm somewhere, my husband and I are going to buy a small house up in northern New Hampshire somewhere. We’re going to go four-wheeling in Alaska. We’ve got plans.

But I’ve come to the understanding this week it might not be that easy and I might have a wee bit more trouble with Empty Nest Syndrome than I’m anticipating. The Tall Kid has been gone since Saturday evening (off on a reenactment thing with my mom) and I won’t see him again until this Sunday night.

And I miss him. Constantly.

Today, he and my mom are supposed to make the trek from New York back to her place in Maine to shower and restock the cooler before heading to another event for the weekend. He better call me.

But it’s looking like we might buy that house in northern New Hampshire and we might go four-wheeling in Alaska, but I might be sobbing the whole way.

2 comments to “Premature Semi-Empty Nest Syndrome”

  1. nightsmusic
      · July 28th, 2011 at 7:37 pm · Link

    You think that way now, but wait a few more years. My girls are 24 and 22. I finally got the 24 year old to move out about four months ago. I wonder if I’ll ever get rid of the 22 year old.

    Tryst me. When the time comes, you’ll be happy. You really will ;o)

  2. Laura (in PA)
      · July 28th, 2011 at 9:13 pm · Link

    Lol. Mine is 22 too. Still here. :)

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