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Win the registration fee to Angela’s Before You Hit Send Workshop!

Do you want to spend an intense three weeks with my editor? Yes, you do. She’s awesome. Trust me. And you can because she’s gearing up for another session of Before You Hit Send.

How good is this workshop? Angela and I have worked together for years and done many books together, but I still learned a ton when I took it last year. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re submitting books or you’re published or you’re a … Read More »

A celebratory dinner

Once upon a time, back when the Short Kid was still in a highchair, they built an Uno Chicago Grill at the far end of our town. We’ve found that when a franchise first opens, they send people in from outside the community to run it and they hire only the prettiest people, so it all felt very slick and too hip for us.

Fast forward a decade. The squeaky wheel gets the grease is a phrase that’s so very … Read More »

Happy news!

This morning I found out Yours To Keep hit #33 on the New York Times eBook bestseller list and #106 on the USA Today bestseller list!

Much happy dancing and exclaiming of “Holy crap!” here at Casa Stacey!… Read More »

True Confession: Words(less) With Friends

I’m a sucker for fun apps, especially when it seems like everybody in the world is talking about them. I overdosed on the Angry Birds Kool-Aid. I’ve Cut The Rope a few times. I’ve even been a Fruit Ninja, though I gave up on that one pretty quickly since it seemed…pointless.

Right now it seems Words With Friends is all the rage. Basically it’s Scrabble without using the word Scrabble and you can play against your friends. (Hence it not … Read More »

Rocking 1759

While his parents and little brother battled mosquitoes and mud puddles at camp, the Tall Kid had the most amazing long weekend of his life. I’ve mentioned that he would be doing French & Indian War reenacting with my mom this year and last Wednesday they set off on a road trip to his first event — Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown, NY.

Now, my mother drives a Yaris. It’s such a wee baby car that once, when she was … Read More »

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