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The mystery dog

When my husband came home the other day and took out his cellphone to show me some pictures, I knew they must be Very Special Pictures. He has no tolerance for cellphones outside of making and receiving calls and, whereas I’ll take 50 pictures a week with mine to get one or two keepers, I can count the number of times he’s used his phone’s camera on one hand.

He’d been out to do an air conditioning job and the … Read More »

Mondays, preorders and FNL

Monday’s kicking my butt today. Between the business phone ringing constantly because people forget to have their AC serviced before it hits 90 degrees and things in my inbox, I haven’t even opened the to-do list. (Today: cover form for my Christmas novella.) And grocery shopping? Forget it.

The HQN paperback edition of EXCLUSIVELY YOURS is now available for pre-order from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Book Depository.

I’m on the second episode of season three of Friday Read More »

A side effect of summer vacation

Yesterday, the Tall Kid finally dragged himself out of bed and the first thing he said was “What day is it?”. All at the same time, he got this response from the family:

Me: Wednesday?
Dad: Thursday
SK: Sunday

Yeah. Summer vacation means never knowing what day it is. If I’m given a second to remember what I watched on television the night before, I usually get it right, but I haven’t been really paying attention to the TV and … Read More »

Being lazy…somewhat

I’m supposedly taking the day off to catch up on some neglected housework, but it’s not going so well. I’m working on a fun, challenging, Kowalski-related Secret Project of Doom instead of cleaning, which isn’t a bad thing. Unless you’re a member of my family looking for an uncluttered flat surface to set something down upon, in which case you ask one of the mutant dustbunnies to hold onto it while you clear a space.… Read More »

Before You Hit Send winners!

Because of the awesome response this contest, I decided to give the Before You Hit Send workshop registration fee to four winners and they are…

angel Graham
Pam Asberry

Congratulations and I’ll be in touch with you shortly via the email address you entered when you commented!

I do hope everybody else will consider signing up (last session before the price increase!) because I truly believe it’s a wonderful investment in your writing career.… Read More »

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