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Come run amok with me!

I am all over the place today, running amok.

You can visit me at GeekMom, where I’m talking about Combining Writing, Motherhood and Four-Wheeling—all subjects very dear to my heart. Then stop by and read the interview I did for The Book Pushers, which was really fun. And visit and check out the campaign for Yours To Keep! Remember: Save the Contemporary. Save the World.

That’s a lot of running amok, but there are giveaways involved … Read More »

Release day for Yours To Keep!

Today there’s a third Kowalski guy running amok—Sean, who is Joe’s and Kevin’s cousin.

My editor, who tags the books she edited on Goodreads (which is very cool & I wish more editors would do that), said: I’ll refrain from rating this, since I edited it :P You can extrapolate what I think of it (it’s awesome and the best Shannon Stacey book yet).

There are fun and exciting things going on with Yours To Keep, which I’ll … Read More »

Reliving history

The Tall Kid and I spent the day at the historic Fort at No. 4 in Charlestown. It was supposed to be his first living history event, but my mom had to work so he’ll get thrown into the reenacting deep end with a maiden voyage to Old Fort Niagara in New York next month. But we made a day trip so he could do a little shopping and touch base with the group.

It’s a fascinating, beautiful fort to … Read More »

A contest & more FB social workers

Hey, Jaci Burton’s giving away a Kindle copy of Yours To Keep on her blog!

Remember last month when I came across this lovely (and by lovely I mean frightening and disturbing) ad on Facebook urging you to become a social worker?

Yesterday, yet another Facebook social worker ad caught my eye…

I…don’t even know what to say.… Read More »

Getting rougher by the hour

Things are going downhill pretty quickly here at Casa Stacey. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me say:

Sweats. Tank top. Medusa hair pinned on top of my head. Totally rocking the romance author glamor today!

First, let me say that I do, in fact, know how to spell glamour. Just apparently not in a consistent manner. In my defense, my formative spelling years were spent in England where we, for a time, lived off-base … Read More »

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