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Going mobile only for the long weekend

My router seems to have issues. I’ve been having trouble for some time with gadgets dropping the wireless connection, but turning the wireless off and back on always picked it up. Now it’s not picking it back up and the common denominator is the router.

Since we have a fun long weekend scheduled, I’m not going to deal with the headache right now. (Setting up routers is one of my least favorite computer chores and, after a lot of frustrating … Read More »

Boy and his dog

Mini gets cuddled a lot. Most people think it’s because she’s so darn adorable, but it’s because she’s a horrible fleece blanket hog and cuddling with her is the only way we can try to sneak a free corner.


As evidence, here’s a shot of SK and Mini taken this past weekend at camp. Makes you want to say awww, doesn’t it?

But he’s actually trying to work a corner of the blanket out from under her and she’s … Read More »

Stuck in clothes

In rushing around just a little too much this morning, I tried to get dressed after my shower without being totally dry and ended up stuck in my twisted clothes. While muttering bad words, I also remembered one of my favorite scenes in the Devlin Group series, from No Surrender. Gallagher and Carmen have survived a helicopter crash in the White Mountains, but she ended up soaked and it’s cold and she’s fading fast. Gallagher has to get her … Read More »


Yesterday I caved and ordered an iPhone. I need all my work gadgets to speak the same language and having my phone speaking Android while everything else spoke iOS wasn’t working for me. I was also tired of wrestling with the Android platform and, I’m sorry, but when you go surfing support forums and the constant chorus is “root it and flash it and rom it” or whatever, that doesn’t work for me. I want it to work the way … Read More »

Chat reminder

The Smart Bitches Sizzling Book Club chat is tonight at 9pm (Eastern)! All you have to do is pop over to when the time comes and join in to talk about Yours To Keep. I’ll be joining in the fun at 10pm!… Read More »

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