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Barnes & Noble, mosquitoes, and Unlocked by Courtney Milan

First up—readers are asking me daily now when Yours To Keep will be available to pre-order from Barnes & Noble for the Nook. I really, really wish I had an answer for that. I’m checking several times a day, but so far all I’m getting for the effort is frustration. All I can say is that it will, at some point, definitely be available for the Nook. It’s currently available for pre-order directly from Carina Press and from AmazonRead More »

Taking off

This weekend we’ll be celebrating the American way of life with friends, barbeques, four-wheeling and campfires, while reminding our children (and ourselves) to remember the men and women who and served and sacrificed their lives to preserve that way of life.

I’ll also be disconnecting. While I might sneak peeks at my email and Twitter while nobody’s looking, my family has requested a few days with the wife and mom, minus the author. It can be very hard to separate … Read More »

It might be spring out there

Read More »

TBR Summer, DG guys and my dog

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know I bought a Kindle 3 yesterday. Yes, I have a Kindle 3. I bought another one because one day there was a Kindle freebie I thought my husband would like and I didn’t really feel like jumping through the necessary hoops to put it on the nook I’d passed on to him, so I let him read it on the Kindle. He’s very reluctant to give it back and I … Read More »

Tending earthworms

I wish “tending earthworms” was some cool analogy or whatever for my writing process. But, no. I’m babysitting worms.

TK’s doing a science project and it involves worms. Worms that I must check on during the day while he’s at school to make sure they have food and moisture and nurturing. I’m like the grandmother, only my grandkids are slimy and not very good at Chutes & Ladders. The project has something to do with proving higher thought processes or … Read More »

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