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Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie

Welcome to Temptation (Dempsey's, #1)Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In the past, I’d tried to read this book at least four or five times, but I never got far before I’d put it down and not pick it back up. A perennial DNF. But every time somebody asked for romance recommendations, WTT would top the list, especially if the person was asking for books to recommend to somebody new to the genre.

I don’t expect to love … Read More »

Spring break


At 3:16 pm, spring break commenced—nine days of way too much family bonding.

But we’re off to a good start. We went to dinner and brainstormed some problems I’m having with DG4, which led to ridiculous scenarios that made the Short Kid laugh.

(And there should be a picture, but I’m experimenting with the WordPress app on my Droid X, so who knows.)

I’m bracing myself for the inevitable “I’m bored” to which I will, without shame or remorse, respond, … Read More »

Gearin’ up

Right now my husband’s outside, firing up the four-wheelers and checking batteries and tire pressure. Mud season doesn’t end until May 14th, but we’re getting ready. And we think it’s safe to take the plow off my Rincon now.

Yeah, if you here about some freak blizzard dumping a foot of snow on New England in the next couple of days? Totally our fault.

This also means it’s time for me to drag out the gear and see if my … Read More »

Historical shopping list

On Tuesday, I asked readers for the last historical they read that they loved. There were some awesome suggestions in the comment thread, so I decided to post them up for everybody to check out. (And to serve as my handy-dandy shopping list because, once again, I’m determined to add more historicals to my reading diet this year. And this time I mean it.)

If you’re looking for a good historical romance, you might start with one of these…

RansomRead More »

Win a copy of Wanted: Mail-Order Mistress by Deborah Hale

Even though I buy all of my books digitally now, I remain unable to go into Walmart without lingering in the book aisle. And when I saw Wanted: Mail-Order Mistress, I had to buy it. Not only because Deb Hale—one of the most awesome people on the planet—wrote it, but because the cover’s so pretty. And the back cover copy’s so intriguing! Since I already have my digital copy, I’m going to give away this shiny new paperback version.… Read More »

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