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Please help

If you’re an editor, author, agent, or reader, please go to the Novel Thoughts blog to learn how you can donate to the auction for Fatin. Please help if you can.… Read More »

The eyes shed tears and the heart is grieved…

One of the joys of the internet, and the romance community in particular, is meeting wonderful people from all different places. It’s hard, however, when one of those friends suffers a tragedy and you’re too far away to help—to offer a hug or a helping hand or a casserole.

As most of you know, I’m sure, Fatin tragically lost her husband yesterday. If you haven’t yet, please consider visiting the Novel Thoughts blog and offering your condolences. The details are … Read More »


Turned in edits for Yours By Design late last night and today…I’m not doing anything. Or I’m trying not to. I watched the first episode of the second season of Grey’s Anatomy, which I recently fell in love with thanks to boredom and Netflix.

But I have two synopses to write and I don’t like the title of either project so my brain isn’t being quite as lazy as I wanted it to be. Even knowing the chances are high … Read More »

Peeking at the end of the book

Last night on Twitter, we were talking about ending readers again—those folks who read the end of a book before flipping to chapter one. Which is fine. Really. This is not about anybody doing anything wrong. There is no wrong way to read. People can read any way they want. I only read magazines from the back cover to the front cover. My youngest son is watching the Star Wars saga in reverse order this week, from Return of Read More »

Coffeemaker Drama

I swear, coffeemakers are going to be the death of me. It should be easy. Buy a coffeemaker and it makes coffee for me. But no. I have coffeemaker drama.

It started a while back when I finally broke down and bought a Keurig. A single cup on demand! Sounds like coffee heaven, doesn’t it? My plan was to use it for single shots of decaf, while still using my regular coffeemaker to make sure there was a full … Read More »

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