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Piling up

Tis the season for collapsing roofs. There are warnings on the news and pictures of collapsed buildings on the news, but so many people still don’t break out the roof rake. But, while it might not look too bad on the roof, check out what it looks like scraped onto the ground.

Not many people would let that monster snowbank sit on their roof, but that’s really what they’re doing. (That’s SK’s school behind the snowbank. They’ll have to break … Read More »

Snow Banks of Doom

Here’s Mini, hiking through a scale model Grand Canyon of snow, wondering why her yard is suddenly so narrow. (Off to the right of me, actually, is a snow “ramp” she uses to get up on top of the pile, where she’ll roam around and do her business. If she ever sinks in, she better hope the leash doesn’t break or we won’t see her again until spring.)

I think this is our record, though, taken in February of 2008. … Read More »

Blog rerun post: Plow laws

(I posted this on 1/18/10, but I’m running behind today and it still applies.)

Every New England neighborhood has one—that guy who goes out the second the last snowflake has fallen, even if it’s the buttcrack of dawn, and cleans his driveway. Not just a quick shoveling, mind you, but the meticulous removal of every last snowflake.

Then the plow truck comes through and buries the end of his driveway with a two-foot tall, hard-packed wall of snow. He rants … Read More »

The day my bank account died

I can’t even keep track of the books releasing today I have to have. Jaci Burton’s The Perfect Play aka Hot, Sweaty Football Guy. (I got to read an early draft and you want this book. It’s awesome and as hot and steamy as the cover!) Colters’ Daughter from Maya Banks. Mandy Roth has a Spice Brief out today, Dex’s Claim.

I’ve been dying for Animal Magnetism from Jill Shalvis. I have my copy of HelenKay Dimon’s new … Read More »

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